Straumann Pro Arch

There are a number of protocols available to replace missing or failing teeth in a day. At our clinic we use the Pro Arch system developed by the Straumann Group. Pro Arch is much more than a fixed rehabilitation it’s a reason to smile and we are a centre of excellence for delivering this treatment protocol.

Our implant surgeon Jonathon Pugh BDS MSc is recognised as an international expert in the patient-centric care of people who have lost or who are losing their teeth. Jon has recently attended an alignment meeting and alumni event for Pro Arch Centres of excellence in Lisbon, Portugal. The alignment meeting was hosted by Professor Joao Carames of the Instituto de Implantologia whilst the alumni meeting was hosted by Straumann a world leading implant company Jon has worked with his entire professional career.

For those patients who have lost their teeth or are facing the prospect of doing so but want to enjoy an improved quality of life and expect to make no compromise on activities such as eating, talking, laughing and kissing Straumann Pro Arch has much to offer.

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