Patient Testimonials

We at Parkdale Dental & Implant Clinic are confident in providing you with the best advice and guidance to cure and prevent issues in the future. Find out about our patient journey's in the videos below. 

Dave's Story

"I was having a problem with the hygiene situation. Jo is the best hygienist I've ever worked with, she's thoughtful, kind but firm and you listen"

    Nick's Story

    "I've had 14 implants, veneers, caps and a bridge and I've always found the staff here excellent.

    Jon is fantastic, I think I've said before that he some sort of magician."

      Phil's Story

      "I had 4 implants in the upper jaw and 2 implants in the lower jaw which gave me 100% stability rather than ordinary dentures. 

      When I had dentures I'd lost all my confidence."

        Penny's Story

        "I am a teacher and when I was teaching I was always concerned my denture was going to fall out.

        I was a nervous wreck and everyone put me at ease straight away."

          John's story

          "I had started losing teeth regularly over a few years and decided to take advice on what to do. My dentist recommended that all my remaining teeth were extracted and dentures fitted. I was struggling with the dentures and did some research on implants and was referred over to Jonathon and his team.

          Upon meeting Jonathon and his team, I was put at ease straight away.  Everything was explained clearly to me and any questions I had were answered. I was very nervous on the day of the surgery but once again was put at ease by the team around me. The procedure itself was painless, Jonathon was very gentle and I felt nothing, I don’t know what I was worried about.

          I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is in the same situation as myself. Jonathon and his team were fantastic and made me feel comfortable at every stage of the treatment. I can finally eat everything that I want to again including apples and nuts.

          I feel like I have my own teeth again. Thank you."

              Sarah's story

              "After having an horrific experience some 20 plus years ago with my dentist, someone would only have to mention the word ‘dentist’ in a conversation I would have to leave the room. My teeth became so bad I couldn’t even talk about it let alone contemplate going to see a dentist and my confidence and self-esteem had hit rock bottom

              Whilst feeling extremely nervous and unwholly embarrassed at the state of my mouth on my initial visit, Jon and all the members of his team made me feel at ease. Everything was explained to me in terms of options, treatment plans available and what would happen on the day. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and won’t deny that my nerves were still there on every visit. However, every step of the way all the team made me feel comfortable and as I progressed through my treatment I knew I had made the right decision in having the work done.

              Now all the work has been completed words can’t even express how much of a difference it has made to my life. My confidence is now the highest that it has ever been, I’m now able to eat all things I previously couldn’t. I had never had any photos taken with my boys as the thought had previously filled me with dread. Friends have said It has completely changed me, I look fab and have my sparkle back!

              For me it’s the biggest life changing journey I’ve been on and life can only go onwards and upwards now. I would just like to thank Jon and his staff for all their help and support it means a lot and I would certainly recommend Parkdale Dental and Implant clinic to anyone who is in a similar situation that I was."

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